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Deckplanner has been building decks in Southern Maryland for a long time and over the years has produced some of the best build decks in the area.  Some of the reasons we build the best decks:

1.      1.   All of our decks are free-standing.  Some of Southern Maryland County’s allow decks to be lag bolting the deck to the house and the bolts are the only thing that holds the deck up at the house.  Our decks always have footing and beams at the house so the deck is supported on its own and not by bolts.

2.      2.  We use only 6x6’s to support the deck.  In some cases 4x4’s are allowed to support decks, but they tend to twist and bow over time.  We use only 6x6’s which stay straighter and not twist over time.

3.       3.  The frame of the deck is important to how well the deck will stand the test of time, so we use 2x12 beams and 2x10 joists.  Most deck can be framed with 2x10 beams and 2x8 joists, which caused the deck to have more bounce when people are on the deck.

4.       4.  For wood decks, we use 5/4 decking boards.  2x6’s for decking boards’ sounds like it may be stronger but will not stay straight over time.  No matter how the boards are fastened to the framing, weather will take its toll on them and they will twist and bow to make the deck ugly and unsafe that is why we use only 5/4 decking boards.

5.       5.  For composite decks, we use only quality suppliers that honor their warrantee.  Composite decking has been around for a long time and manufactures of composite materials come and go.  Because of this Deckplanner only uses companies that a good history with composites. 

6.       6.  We install out composite decks with concealed fasteners.   Other companies install composite decks with nails or screws through the face of the decking board.  All of our prices are about the same as other companies but we install composite decks with concealed fasteners, which are not visible on the deck.  Concealed fasteners also allow the decking material to expand and contract more than nail or screws.


Deckplanner  prices are competitive and as you can see we build a higher quality deck that most other companies.

screen and composite deck
cable railing deck
wood platform deck

Deckplanner also installs concrete pavers, so we can take care of all of you backyard needs.  Concrete pavers can be used for patios, driveways, walkways, pool decks, walls and steps.  What makes Deckplanner different from others:

1.       We use ICPI certified installers to install your pavers.  With the fast changing paver industry, there have been many changes in the installation recommendations to produce a quality installation.  Using ICPI installers, we have kept up with the changes to be sure your pavers are installed properly.

2.       We use only quality paving products.  Nicolock has a limited lifetime warranty, a lot of colors, and designs.  Their products have full color throughout the paver, are resistant to de-icing salts, and have a more uniform texture than others.

3.       Deckplanner offers a 2 year warranty on the installation.  Because of the quality of Nicolock products we are able to offer a 2 year warranty on the installation of your pavers, where other company’s only offer the minimum 1 year warranty.

4.       Our installers protect your yard during the installation.  Because of the amount of dirt that has to be removed, and the fill that has to brought in for the installation of pavers it is hard to not have some short term damage to your yard but we make every effort to not damage the yard.  Most contractors use large equipment for the transportation of installation materials which does a lot of damage to the yard.  We do not use equipment that can damage the yard; most of the work is done by hand.

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